Lab Members

Ben Hayden

Ben received his Ph.D. from the University of California Berkeley and was a post-doctoral fellow at Duke University. In 2009, he was the Outstanding Young Investigator for the Society for Neuroeconomics. Since then, his research has been featured twice in Senator Tom Coburn's Wastebook, a government publication highlighting worthless science.

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Principal Investigator

Habiba Azab

Habiba received her bachelor's degree in Computer Science from New York Institute of Technology. She specializes in computational modeling of choice processes.

Graduate Student

Praneet Bala

Markerless Pose Estimation

Department of Computer Science

Tyler Cash-Padgett

Tyler received his B.A. in neuroscience and philosophy from Johns Hopkins University. He studies the neuronal basis of decision making and cognitive control.

Graduate Student

Roberto Lopez Cervera

Roberto earned a B.S. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of California, Santa cruz.

MD/PhD student

Becket Ebitz

Becket has a PhD in Neurobiology from Duke University. He studies how endogenous states shape sensorimotor transformations.


Ben Eisenreich

Ben received his PhD from the University of Montana. He studies the neuronal basis of economic decision making and motivation

Post-doctoral Fellow

Hannah Lee

Hannah graduated in 2019 with a BS in Biochemistry from the University of Minnesota. She works as a Researcher 1 in both the Heilbronner and Hayden Labs.

Lab Technician

Priyanka Mehta

Priyanka received her bachelor's degree in Cognitive Science from UCLA.

Graduate Student

Ben Voloh

Ben received his PhD in Psychology from Vanderbilt University. He studies how neural state transitions drive behavioral transitions during exploration in free movement.


Maya Zhe Wang

Maya received her bachelor's degree in Psychology ​with a minor in Statistics ​from Kansas State University. She ​studies ​the brain circuits​​ supporting ​economic decisions ​and ​model-based planning.


Graduate Student

Seng Bum Michael Yoo

Michael received his bachelor's degree in Biomedical Science and Psychology from Handong Global University and a master's degree in Brain and Cognitive Sciences from Seoul National University.

Graduate Student

Our Undergraduates

Kyle Edmonston

Rachel Knoebl

Collin Meyer

Salma Muftah

Preeta Pavagadhi

Emma Rochlin

Elaina Seemann
Afra Suri
Sydney Walsh

They are plucky

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Adriana Cushnie

Adriana received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Brooklyn College -CUNY. She studies the anatomical connectivity of brain circuits supporting salience detection.

Graduate Program in Neuroscience

Sarah Heilbronner



Department of Neuroscience

Alex Herman

Human intracranial electrophysiology

Department of Psychiatry

Yasamin Jafarian

Markerless Pose Tracking


Department of Computer Science

Hyun Soo Park

Markerless Pose Estimation


Department of Computer Science

John Pearson

Data wrangling

Department of Biostatics and Bioinformatics, Duke University

Ruyuan Zhang


Department of Neuroscience

Jan Zimmermann

Single unit physiology and fMRI


Department of Neuroscience

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