Automated pose tracking, n=2 subjects. Now on bioRxiv.

Click here to see videos with n=1 and n=2.

We study the neural basis of naturalistic decision-making. We have a particular interest in foraging, self-control, curiosity, and risk. Our  goal is to understand the brain circuits that are compromised in addiction, depression, and anxiety disorders.

>>> Recent Lab News​ >>>

Congratulations to Becket Ebitz, who was awarded a large grant by the NSERC! Anyone interested in doing grad school or a post-doc in the QC, let him know!

Congratulations to Rei Akaishi, who has opened a lab at RIKEN!

Con​gratulations to Habiba Azab, whose new paper has been accepted at Behavioral Neuroscience. 

Maya and Michael are both scheduled to defend their dissertations!

Tyler's latest paper is accepted at Biology Letters and is currently available in preprint on bioRxiv!

Welcome to new lab members Mrunal Zambre, Mark Grier, Jen Holmberg, and David Maisson!

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