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Freely moving decision making - Using a novel  large cage testing apparatus, we record behavior using 62 cameras and electrophysiology using a neurologger and ask how brain activity relates to foraging behavior.
Neuroengineering - We are interested in understanding and improving neuromodulatory approaches to psychiatry, especially self-control. We have funded projects to understand steerable current electrodes, tACS, and the relationship between hemodynamic responses and spiking activity.
Value, self-control, and curiosity - We are interested in understanding the neural basis of volitional choice. Our research involves unit recording in prefrontal and striatal regions during carefully designed laboratory tasks.
Lab news:
New grant from NSF to study real-time tracking in social situations! Now hiring post-docs!
Congratulations to Ruyuan Zhang on his new faculty position at Jiao Tong University!
Congratulations to Becket Ebitz on his new faculty position at Université de Montréal!
Congratulations to Michael Yoo, who will soon be starting a faculty position at IBS!
Congratulations to Rei Akaishi on his faculty position at RIKEN!
Congratulations to Maya Wang who successfully defended her dissertation and will be starting a post-doctoral position at NIMH!
New R01 from NIH to study neuromodulatory treatments for executive control!
New lab papers out in PNAS, Nature Communications, Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences (Roberto and Maya),  JNM (Maya et al.)!
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